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On 17th November 2007, a plaque was unveiled at the Old Post Office, Llantarnam, in memory of St David Lewis. The Post Office, now a private house, is the site of the old Blacksmith's shop and the spot where, on 17th November 1678, Fr David Lewis was arrested. The plaque was unveiled by the Vicar General of Cardiff Archdiocese, Canon Robert Reardon and blessed by Fr John Meredith, Parish Priest of Cwmbran. The hymn being sung is the Hymn in Honour of Saint David Lewis. The words were written by Sr Canisius S S J A, of Llantarnam Abbey.

This is a very nice video which I am pleased to share.   However, I should point out that there is a MISTAKE in it.  St David Lewis was the last WELSH martyr.  He was NOT the last Catholic martyr in "mainstream Britain" as stated in the video.  ST OLIVER PLUNKETT, Bishop of Armagh, was the last Catholic executed for his faith in Britain.  He was martyred at Tyburn, London, in 1681.


Holy Martyr, David Lewis,
Monmouth County's glorious Saint.
Father of the Poor they named you,
When you lived and toiled in Gwent.
Priestly work was undertaken,
Danger-fraught from dawn till dusk.
Gladly still you served your people,
Till you died for them at Usk.

From your capture at Llantarnam,
Through your time in Monmouth Gaol,
Threats and tortures could not shake you,
For your faith would never fail.
Bravely then you faced the gallows,
Crudely fashioned for your death,
Further torment someone spared you,
Till you drew your latest breath.

Great and glorious David Lewis,
Staunch and steadfast in the strife,
Bless your people here in Monmouth,
Those for whom you gave your life.
Help us to be strong, courageous,
Loyal to our loving God,
To Him then will glory flourish,
In the places you have trod.

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