Sunday, 13 December 2009


The purpose of this Blog is to spread devotion to and knowledge of the Last Welsh Martyr, St David Lewis. For that reason, the posts, so far, have all been about St David Lewis and people and events to do with him. However, this post is about CHRISTMAS CARDS! “What” you may well ask, “do Christmas Cards have to do with a Welsh Jesuit priest who was martyred in 1679?” St David Lewis spent Christmas 1678, his last Christmas on earth, imprisoned in Monmouth Gaol. Christmas Cards would not have been the Saint’s concern. However, Fr Lewis was executed for his religion, so Christ, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, was a major concern of his. Christ should be a major concern of ours, too. Hence this post on Christmas Cards! (I apologise in advance for all the old clichés I am about to bring out.)

By now, you have probably sent out most of your cards to family and friends. You probably have received some, too. How many of them are real Christmas Cards? Do they have pictures of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, or any biblical scene associated with the Birth of Christ? Or are they the ‘drunken Robin’ or ‘surfboarding Santa’ type?

Do your cards express wishes for a ‘Merry CHRISTMAS’ or for ‘Season’s Greetings’? Remember ‘JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON’ so why not say so? Perhaps your cards say ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of ‘Happy CHRISTMAS. Why leave Christ out of Christmas? After all, CHRISTMAS BEGINS WITH CHRIST!

I know that it is difficult to find cards that convey, in words or pictures, the true meaning of Christmas. To that I say, if you can’t find a Christmas card that calls to mind the ONE whose Birth we are actually celebrating, then DON’T BUY ANY! If enough people left on the shelves those Godless affairs foisted on us by the ‘Politically Correct Brigade’ (modern-day Pursuivants), the card manufacturers would soon get the message. Their goal is to make money so if their product isn’t selling, they will produce what will sell. Meanwhile, the money we save, by not buying those non-Christmas cards, could be given to the Salvation Army or some charity. We, the consumer, wield an awful lot of power.

What else can we do? As well as our Christmas Tree, we can put up a Crib in our home. That humble, holy Saint, Francis of Assisi, was the first to make a Crèche representing the Holy Family at Bethlehem. Why not follow his example? We can greet our friends, family, and neighbours with ‘Happy Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’. It is as easy to say ‘Merry Christmas’ as it is to say ‘Season’s Greetings’. Always remember ‘CHRISTMAS begins with CHRIST and it is up to us to ‘Keep CHRIST in CHRISTMAS’!




  1. I order my Christmas cards from the FSSP- there is a link on my blog under "Interesting Sites". Since I send them donations from time to time, I can order cards that come with a Christmas Novena of Masses to those whom you send the cards to; and make sure that they have the list of names in time to include in the Masses. Not only do your friends get a good Catholic card, they get 9 Masses said for them too! What a great gift!

  2. Good Morning Shirley
    That is wonderful. You are Keeping Christ in Christmas and giving your friends a matchless gift,too. It is too late for me for this year but I will look up that link on your Blog and keep it in mind for next Christmas. Great to hear from you with such an uplifting comment. Thanks very much and God bless you.

  3. Three years ago I had quite a surprise when one of our sisters told me about the lovely Christmas cards she found at the dollar store. I've been buying them there each year since and have encouraged the other sisters with whom I live to do the same. They're very pretty, have nice greetings inside, and cost $1 for a box of 15!

    On another note, I'm so sorry about your friend. I think your Christmas will be special in so far as you are extending to others the hospitality which the Holy Family sought them many centuries ago. Blessings!

  4. Sr Ann Marie
    Thanks for that tip. Religious Christmas cards are available in most of our churches but people have said to me that they are too expensive and they can't afford to buy many of them. Well, you have just solved that problem for a lot of people! We have Pound (£) Shops in this country and they would be akin to your Dollar Stores.I would not be surprised if such cards were available in the Pound Shops. I will certainly look and maybe next year I'll be able to point a few people in the right direction for reasonably priced Christian Christmas cards.

    Thank you for your kind words about our friends. Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. God bless you, Sister.


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