Saturday, 30 January 2010


Now that the snow has gone (we hope) and everyone is able to get out and about again, I thought I would do some posts on places associated with St David Lewis. If you are in the area, you might like to visit the sites and see them for yourself. If that isn't possible, then I hope you will enjoy seeing them in photographs. I will start with some lovely stained glass windows which commemorate St David Lewis.
This beautiful window is in the Catholic Church of Our Ladye and St Michael, Abergavenny. In the window, St David Lewis is referred to as 'Charles Baker S J'. In those extremely dangerous times, it was the prudent custom of Catholic priests to work under an alias. 'Charles Baker' was the alias used by Fr David Lewis. St David Lewis was born in Abergavenny in 1616. He was the son of Morgan Lewis and Margaret (Pritchard) Lewis.
This colourful window is in the Baptistry of the Catholic Church in Usk. In 1679, St David Lewis was executed on or near the site of this church. He was canonised by Pope Paul VI in 1970. The church was originally dedicated to St Francis Xavier but in 1974 it was rededicated and it now bears the name of 'St David Lewis and St Francis Xavier'. This beautiful window honours these two Jesuit Saints.
This window is in the Catholic Church in Tenby. As well as honouring St David Lewis, it also commemorates two other Welsh priests, Fr John Lloyd and Fr Philip Evans, who were martyred as a consequence of the fabricated Popish Plot. The fourth person depicted is St Stephen, the very first Christian Martyr.



  1. The photos of the stained glass windows are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Your postings make me wish I could visit your country!

  2. Hello Sister
    Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your comments. They are always encouraging. This country really does have much to offer. There is something for everyone, ancient to modern, sublime to ridiculous and holy to definitely unholy! You should try to visit Britain. I am sure you would enjoy it very much. (Wales is particularly lovely!!!)God bless you.

  3. "(Wales is particularly lovely!!!)"

    Agreed .... but what about Scotland and Rab C Nesbitt !!! Real treasures.

    I like your photos of the stained glass windows. When I lived in London I visited many old churches in the City Square Mile whenever I could and admired their stained glass windows.
    Have you been to Coventry Cathedral to see the glass window there?

    God bless.

  4. Hello Victor
    Great to hear from you. That "Wales is particularly lovely" was tongue in cheek really. I won't comment on Rab C Nesbitt but Scotland surely is beautiful. I think the whole country has, as I said, an awful lot to offer. We get a lot of foreign visitors and my husband delights in showing them around and they always, without fail, love everything they see. Yes, we have been to Coventry Cathedral and it is very impressive. Actually, I was greatly impressed with everything about the Cathedral. When you go around the Cathedral and take the time to read the various explanations, symbolism, etc, it certainly is awesome.
    Thanks for looking in and God bless you.

  5. These photos are indeed beautiful...I agree! I'm sincerely interested in reading your posts on this blog. I thought I had mentioned it in an initial comment to you...but I have a Welsh background that I would like to know more about. It comes from my father's side, but unfortunately his generations go back pretty far in the States. So, it's difficult to research our background. And...I don't mind saying I have a very common welsh name. :)This doesn't help as well.

    I never knew or heard before about priests having an makes sense for sure.

    Thanks for posting the photos...they are lovely.

  6. Hello Cheri
    Lovely to hear from you and I am pleased you like the pictures. I am glad too that you are interested in the blog. St David Lewis was a Welsh Jesuit who was martyred in 1679. He was born and lived in this area and, unfortunately, he is little known elsewhere. That is why I started this blog, to try to spread the word on this wonderful saint. For a quick history of him, I suggest you go back to my first four or five posts in October 2009. You never know, you might even find your family name among some of St David Lewis's family members! Wouldn't that be terrific! Thanks again, keep looking in and God bless you.


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