Saturday, 29 May 2010


Sr Ann Marie, FRANCISCAN LIFE, has presented this Blog with a Sunshine Award. I am very pleased to receive an award - it's my first - and I thank Sr Ann Marie for her kindness. The reward comes with a few simple rules.

The rules are as follows:

1. Post the logo on your blog and/or within the post.

2. Pass it on to 12 other bloggers.

3. Add links to these 12 bloggers within your blog.

4. Let them know they are receiving the award.

5. Share the link of the person from whom you received the award.

I follow and enjoy many blogs and I have found it difficult to pick twelve but here are the ones I have chosen. Take a look at them and I think you will find them interesting and informative too.

Thank you, Sr Ann Marie. You have given me a great boost! God bless you.


  1. Oh goodie, thank you!
    Now for the job of picking my top twelve!

  2. Dear Squelly, thank you very much. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. God bless,

  3. Sorry Breadgirl. I knew it was you, I don't know what made me type Squelly's name (blush).

  4. Thank you so much Breadgirl. You really gave me a lift when I saw your award this morning. God bless! I found it really difficult though to choose my twelve. Some of them you'd already nominated!

  5. Congratulations. Well done.

    God bless.

  6. Hi Victor
    All I want to do is to spread the word on St David Lewis so I feel quite honoured to receive an award. Thanks for all your support. God bless you.

  7. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for sending us an award too! God bless.

  8. Hello MarysDowryProductions

    Thank you very much for your nice comment.

    You do such wonderful work in promoting the saints and martyrs that you deserve all kinds of awards so you are very welcome for the Sunshine Award. I am all for getting the word out there to as many as possible so I also try to direct other bloggers to your site whenever I can.

    May God bless you and your excellent work.


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