Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I found this beautiful poem on Richard's blog, "STABAT MATER".  The poem was written by Pearl of Tyburn and Richard found it on her blog, "LONGBOWS AND ROSARY BEADS".   I was just bowled over by the beauty of this poem and I want to give you the opportunity of enjoying it too.  Thank you Pearl and thank you Richard.

Thou stood on Newgate Arch and graced Pendragon’s shield,
Cardigan bore thy taper, and Walsingham thy seal,
Humbly we now beseech thee as that thy feet we kneel,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

Thy beads hung from the sword-belts of Locksley’s Merry Men,
Thy hymns were sung by choirs, O Mother Free from Sin,
This land was once thy Dowry; pray make it so again,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

When Alfred lead his warriors in battle for the land,
Thou were his source of courage, the strength that made him stand,
Seven Swords were pierced through thy heart, and one
was in thy hand,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

Thy hands are in the Highlands to show us how to pray,
Thy footprints are in Cornwall to guide us in Christ’s ways,
Direct us, Holy Virgin, if God forbid we stray,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

Thou art the Dove of Peace for Ulster’s troubled sons,
The Queen of Thorns and Blossoms, whose seat was Avalon,
Look down on us from Heaven, Most Highly Favored One,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

From Scotia’s misty moors, to Albion’s fertile plains,
From Cambria’s mountain climes, to Northern Erin’s glens,
We offer thee this land to be thy own again,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

Thy name was oft times chanted by peasants and bold knights,
Preparing for the harvest, or arming for the fight,
Though centuries have elapsed, thou’st kept us in thy sight,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

Though stormy skies did threaten, thou still remained the same,
A constant source of succor to those who called thy name,
Thou art the Gilded Lamp that held the Burning Flame,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!
Recall the martyrs’ deaths in Christ’s own imitation,
Come rack and then come rope, they braved the tribulation,
The ruby blood they shed cries out in supplication,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!

Remember this, our country, amidst the stormy sea,
O may she stand united, a stronghold for the free
But foremost make her faithful to Jesus Christ and thee,
Our Lady of Britannia, Ora pro nobis!


  1. That's good! I'm sharing via ACWB .

  2. Thank you so much for posting my poem, breadgirl! I'm pleased you found it to be an inspiration; that was my intention in writing it.

    Thank you also, marion Banks-Wikinson!

    God Bless you,
    Pearl of Tyburn

  3. This is Beautiful! Thank you for posting. i have wondered - and now - you have answered my questions. Many Thanks!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

  5. Good Morning Friends

    Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to leave a comment. I am very pleased to hear from you. I thought this poem was so beautiful I just wanted to share it. Pearl is very talented. God bless you all.


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