Friday, 25 January 2013


I have read several books, written by local authors, stating that St David Lewis was the last Catholic martyr in Britain.  This has also been said in an otherwise excellent video available on youtube.  I don't wish to engender any controversy but I feel I should point out that this is incorrect
Fr David Lewis S J (alias Charles Baker) was executed at Usk on 27th August 1679.  He, along with 39 others, was canonised in 1970 by Pope Paul VI as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.  ST DAVID LEWIS was the LAST WELSH MARTYR.  
St David Lewis, the Last Welsh Martyr
On 1st July 1681 Oliver Plunkett, the Archbishop of Armagh, was hanged, drawn and quartered at Tyburn, London.  He was beatified in 1920 and canonised in 1975 by Pope  Paul VI.  ST OLIVER PLUNKETT was the LAST CATHOLIC MARTYR in this country.
St Oliver Plunkett, the last Catholic martyr
in Britain
Follow this link for more information on St Oliver Plunket.


  1. Please excuse my pedantry, but St Oliver Plunket was canonised by Pope Paul VI (in 1975 as you say)

  2. And he was an Irishman to boot, thanks for the post Gareth.

  3. Hello Patricius,
    Well spotted! Over tea, my husband and I were discussing St Oliver Plunkett and I suddenly thought, "Did I say Pope John Paul II or Pope Paul VI?". Anyway, I thought I had better check before someone reads MY MISTAKE! Well, you beat me to it! Thank you for taking the time to leave the comment & it is NOT pedantry on your part. If we are going to do these blogs we need to be as accurate as we possibly can. So a very big THANK YOU for your interest.

  4. Hi Richard,
    Happy New Year to you & yours. Yes, he was an Irishman & your are welcome. Gareth????

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