Thursday, 11 February 2010


I am very grateful to Stephen (THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS) for posting this very informative video. I am posting it too because St David Lewis was a student of The English College in Rome and one of its many martyrs. Thank you Stephen for bringing this to my attention. For information on martyrs, many of them modern ones, check out THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS, an excellent Blog.


  1. Hey Breadgirl

    I found O Queen of the Holy rosary and posted it for you on my blog

  2. Smiley
    You are an angel! Thank you so very much! I have been into your blog and listened to the Hymn - several times! It brought back memories for me. Because of that video, I then went into Redemptorist T V and found another hymn which I haven't heard since childhood, 'The Redemptorist Rosary'. I never thought of it before, but perhaps I heard all of those hymns because the parish I grew up in had a mission every year during Lent. The missions were conducted by priests of various orders, Jesuits, Franciscans, Redemptorists, but I think mostly by Redemptorists. Anyway, Smiley, thanks again, I owe you an extra prayer for the pleasure you have given me. God bless you.


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