Wednesday, 4 January 2012


It is funny how things get around, even crossing the Atlantic then recrossing it again!

A lady in Canada sent me contact details for a wonderful work that is being carried out from a Dublin Parish. St Michael's Apostolate of Prayer for Priests was begun in August 1996 in Holy Name Parish, Ranelagh, Dublin. The aim of the Apostolate is to have all cardinals, bishops and priests adopted in prayer. This surely is a loving gesture of support for our clergy. The patron of LAST WELSH MARTYR blog, St David Lewis, was a Jesuit priest who worked in times of great danger and oppression and eventually gave his life for his priesthood and the Mass. I encourage you all to click on the link, visit the website and offer your services in this worthy work. I think St David Lewis would approve.


  1. Hello Breadgirl!
    How are things? Thanks for this post. I have signed up for the Apostolate as you suggested. I used to live very close to there when I was in college.
    Hope all is well with you.
    God bless

  2. Hello Kee
    A very happy 2012 to you & your loved ones. It is lovely to hear from you. We are not getting as much time at the old computer as we would like but things have without a doubt improved. I am really glad that you have signed up. It is a wonderful apostolate & I hope it spreads & spreads. They must be having a good deal of success because I was sent the contact details by a friend in CANADA! So it went from Ireland to Canada, from Canada to Wales then to Ireland then back to Wales again. And now you have picked it up in Ireland. Computers really can be amazing! Thanks for visiting and God bless you, my friend.


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